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    Aveda Institute Hammond Student of The Month Haley Williams

    Congratulations haley williams for being

    Aveda Institute Hammond’s Student of the Month

    Hayley Williams


    I chose Aveda because I knew it would lead me to a path of opportunities for my future. AVEDA has been and is allowing me to take my life into a positive direction.

    Aveda has allowed me to meet new people, laugh until I’m red in the face, eat good food and have an encouraging group of peers and instructors. Being here I have gained so much knowledge not just for my own use, but knowledge that I can share with others to make them feel their best. Those as an entirety, are great experiences thanks to Aveda.

    Hammond Aveda Students

    Graduated in 2013 from Silliman Institute High School.  From there I have attended not only liberal arts classes, but also standard business classes at BRCC.

    The special things in my life are the small things. Sunsets, a full tank of gas, opening a pack of my favorite chips, appreciating the way the breeze feels when it has been hot all day or just having someone say yes to you so you can begin your life for the better.

    beauty in small things quote


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