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    Baton Rouge Beauty School Student of the Month

    Aveda Institute Baton Rouge would like to recognize Morgan Matrana as our Cosmetology Student of the Month.  We asked Morgan a few questions about why she chose Aveda for her Cosmetology education and what Aveda products she uses and recommends to others.  Morgan chose Aveda Institute Baton Rouge after graduating from Dutchtown High School.

    Aveda Institute Baton Rouge Student of the Month: ✨Morgan Matrana✨ with one of her favorite #aveda products #AirControl 💕 #aisouth #avedainstitute

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    Why did you choose Aveda Institute Baton Rouge for your Cosmetology education?

    Aveda has always had a reputation for being the best in the beauty industry. So of course, when I was making my decision to attend cosmetology school, Aveda was at the forefront of my mind. When I stepped into the Aveda Institute for the first time, I could feel the love amongst the staff and students. The staff won me over with their kind hearts and professionalism. I love Aveda for the culture and everything the brand represents.

    What’s your favorite Aveda product?

    Air Control is my favorite product because it adds the body and hold my hair needs while still allowing for movement throughout the day. Also, it smells amazing!

    What do you envision yourself doing after you graduate Aveda Institute Cosmetology School.

    It means everything to me to help others see the beauty in themselves when they sit in the chair. I have always envisioned myself one day owning a salon and leading a group of passionate individuals to do the same through community outreach. This year, it has become a desire of mine to partner with Aveda and continue representing the brand by living the mission. Giving back to the organization that has given so much to myself and others would be a privilege.

    You can follow Morgan Matrana on Instagram here.

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