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  • No Frizz Hair For A High Humidity Night Out – Video Steps

    The idea for this no frizz hair post came from a message sent to our Aveda Institute Washington DC Facebook page.  Kimberly Cano had a great experience with our products that solved a problem she’s often struggled with – frizzy hair in high humidity.  Our Aveda Institutes South locations often hear from guests with this […]

    Summer Style: Aveda Half Up Bun

    The half up bun has become a social media hair sensation thanks to celebs and off-duty models. Watch the video below to see how Aveda Artist, Amanda used Shampure Dry Shampoo to add a little texture to make this style her own. To begin, Amanda applied Thickening Tonic to give her hair extra thickness. Then, […]

    Aveda Summer Style

    Summer Hair is here! Watch this how-to video to learn how you can create a quick and easy boho braided hairstyle that works for all hair types. Try this effortless look next time you go to the beach, brunch with your girls, or wear it for your next Friday night date night. Aveda Artist Amanda […]

    Support Clean Water for Earth Month

      “Our mission at Aveda is to care for the world we live in, from the products we make to the ways in which we give back to society. At Aveda, we strive to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility, not just in the world of beauty, but around the world.” Earth day […]

    Aveda Spring Makeup How To

    The limited-edition Indian Sunset makeup palette was inspired by the warm colors of a seamless sunset and the cool watercolor shades of dawn. Use the collection to create intense, shimmering eyes with the sultry shades of a sun dipping into the horizon, or brighten them with the pastel light of a sun rising over it. […]

    Quick and Easy Hair Care Tips

    Friendly Hair Tips When looking to enhance moisture, shampoo and condition the hair with Aveda Brilliant Shampoo and Conditioner. This will restore lost protein and add shine. Before blow drying the hair, mist your hair with the Aveda Brilliant Damage Control spray to count as a detangler and heat protectant. To smooth the hair from […]

    8 Simple Holiday Hairstyles

    From shopping for gifts, attending holiday parties, and everything in between, its hard to find time to make sure we look as festive as we feel. That’s why we’ve rounded up eight simple hairstyles that you can wear without having to put aside hours of prep time. Check out the pictures below for some holiday […]

    AVEDA Gift Guide for Men

    Buying gifts for everyone on your list can be cause for some major stress during the Holidays, especially when it comes to buying for men. Let us help this year by offering up some AVEDA holiday gift ideas that any man is sure to love. 100% Pure-Formance The gift of phyto-active blends. Aveda Men Pure-FormanceTM […]

    Top Halloween Nail Art Designs

    Get in the Halloween spirit this week by trying some of these spooky nail art ideas! Source: Source: Source: Source: StyleCaster Source: Instagram user @dezibunny Source: Instagram user @theamazingpjj Source: Instagram user @jenikacouture Dilute red nail polish and finger blot onto nails. Source: Source: Cosmopolitan Source: Source: StyleCaster Source: […]

    Aveda Tips: Nutritional Wellness

    Nutritional Wellness Conclude your year-long journey toward nutritional wellness with sea vegetables, healing herbs and spices and mindful menu planning. October Wellness Practice: Sea Vegetables Sea vegetables have been consumed for thousands of years by ancient cultures because of their rich mineral content, which is higher than any other food source. They can contain up […]

    Trend Report: Spring 2016 New York Fashion Week

    Flower in Bloom Aveda Makeup for Chiara Boni   Gorgeous shades of pinks and oranges set the tone for the breathtaking Chiara Boni La Petite Robe Spring 2016 Collection inspired by a blossoming rose garden. The elegant clothing, including swimwear and party dresses, were all accented with delicate bursting rosettes that emphasized the collection’s ladylike […]

    South Florida Student Beauty School Hair Tips

    Cosmetology Student: Chantell Cruz Hello!! Here are a few tips on hair! If you would like to intensify your curls you can use Be Curly curl enhancer. It combats frizz and boosts shine for wavy or curly hair. Pump a dime size into your palm and apply to damp hair.  Now, if you would like […]

    How to Create Different Types of Curls

    Presents: How to Create Different Types of Curls Hair by: Brooke Bruner & Madison Geohegan Start of by blowing dry hair using a paddle brush. Spiral Wrap-Twisted Curl Tightly wrap hair in small sections and spiral wrap hair around barrel. Flat Wrap-Ribbon Curl In small sections, wrap a flat section around the barrel of a […]

    Summer Hair Care

    It’s just about time for summer which means sunshine and beaches. Unfortunately, with all that fun in the sun comes certain hair hazards. Chlorine, sun exposure, dryness and salt all contribute to damaged hair. Luckily, Aveda has targeted all these problems and derived a Sun Care line so you can enjoy summer without having to […]

    Ariana Grande’s Sleek High Ponytail

    A photo posted by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) on Feb 8, 2015 at 6:18pm PST   Presents: How to get Ariana Grande’s Sleek High Ponytail Hair By: Rachael Cosby & Taylor Theriot Products used for this style: Control Force, Air Control and        Brilliant Spray-on Shine Step 1: Brush all hair away from the face  and up […]

    Thickening Tonic Styling Spray

    Thinning hair and hair loss is one of the top hair care concerns in the world. With 40% of women falling victim, Aveda has formulated Thickening Tonic Styling Spray to instantly promote thicker, fuller hair and is now available at your local Aveda retail store. Thickening Tonic Styling Spray can be used to thicken thinning […]

    Create a Loose, Curly Updo

    Presents: Get a Loose, Curly Updo Step 1: Start with dry hair. Prep hair by spraying Firmata Firm Hold Hair Spray all over the hair. Hold the spray 10 inches away from hair when applying. Then brush through evenly. Step 2: Curl the entire head and set the curls with clips. Make sure the curls […]

    Create a French Twist for Short Hair

    Preesnts: How to Create a French Twist for Short Hair     What you will need: Pure Abundance Air Control Control Force Defining Whip   Step 1: Part the hair to allow you to swoop the front section into the twist. Step 2: Lightly tease at the base of the hair and sprinkle the Pure […]

    How to Create a Greek Goddess Inspired Hairstyle

      Presents: How to Create a Fast and Easy Goddess Inspired Hairstyle   Step 1:  Start by placing an elastic headband over the top of the head.  You can place the headband over the fringe area (shown in the photo on the left), or you can leave out the fringe area (shown in the photo […]

    How to Create Game of Thrones Inspired Hair

        Presents: How to Create Game of Thrones Inspired Hair Hair By: AIB Foundations Students of Aveda Institute Birmingham Step 1: Blow dry hair and brush out any knots or tangles with pedal brush. Step 2: Using comb, section out hair for braid based on desired size and placement and apply a small amount […]

    How to Create a Soft Chignon Bun

    Present How to Create a Soft Chignon Bun Hair by: Madison Picone &Samantha Sparks Step 1: Blow-dry hair straight using a paddle brush and Brilliant Universal Styling Crème. Step 2: Take a middle section and secure with a hair tie, leaving two equal sized sections on the left and right side. Step 3: Twist right […]

    Create a Simple Hairstyle with a Half Crown Braid

    Aveda Institutes South Florida created a step-by-step tutorial to show you how to create a simple half crown braid. This hairstyle is a fun way to impress your friends without spending too much time trying to style it! Follow the steps below to recreate this look. What you will need: Paddle brush Finishing brush Natural […]

    Wear your Heart in your Hair this Valentine’s Day

    Whether you’re spending this Valentine’s Day on a date or by having a night out with your friends, there are always reasons to celebrate the holiday of love. As for us, we wanted to celebrate the love we have for our hair! What better way than to wear your heart in your hair? Take a […]

    New York Fashion Week Hair How To

    A straight style expands into erratic waves for Ann Yee’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection Above Designer Ann Yee with Aveda Guest Artist Jon Reyman discuss the hair backstage before her Spring/Summer 2015 Presentation “The romanticism of a stormy spring meets mixed media,” said Designer Ann Yee in speaking of her Spring/Summer 2015 collection that premiered this past […]

    Blogger Talks Aveda Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight

    New to the world of beauty vlogging, Alyssa of Alyssa Forever has certainly arrived. With just one year of vlogging on her YouTube Channel Alyssa Forever, Alyssa garnered over 1 million likes on her first video and was just recently named Allure magazine’s 2014 Blogger of The Year. Known for her gorgeous corkscrew mass of […]

    How To Do 5 Easy Summer Hair Styles

    Summer can be harsh on your hair!  Luckily AVEDA can protect your hair with our array of Sun Care products!

    For best results come in to your nearest AVEDA Institute location and let one of our advisers pick out the product that will best fit your needs.

    How To Makeup Guide: Voluptuous Lips

    As fall approaches…Fall in LOVE with our new Heartlands Makeup Collection! I have included a technique to acquire sassy, voluptuous lips in just a few simple steps. It is not hard to feel sexy when you have such luscious, rich colors to choose from. The products you need are: Red Petals #922 Lip Liner Sweet […]

    Create A Bold Lip With Aveda’s Heart Lands Collection

    Aveda has introduced a new make up collection called Heart Lands. It includes two nourish-mint soothing lip colors: redwood & sweet plum. Two nourish-mint re-hydrating lip glazes: winterberry & honey tree. Two nourish-mint lip liners: red petals & plum petals. Two petal essence eye definers: night lily & juniper. Plus six petal essence single eye […]

    Simple Hair Tip – How to Reduce Frizz

    It is a simple easy trick to reduce frizz, and it’s super quick! First, you take Aveda Air Control hairspray, or Control Force. Whichever is your preference. You’ll also need the fine teeth of a comb, spray your hairspray of choice directly on the fine teeth. You will do this before combing through your hair. […]

    Tired of Braids? Try A Hair Knot

    As the summer comes to an end, parents and professionals alike are looking for innovative ways to pull up their hair. Braids are fun but, knots are an old trick coming back in fall 2013. Knots create texture and although they look complicated, are a simple way create a unique look! Step1: Smooth out the […]

    Create Those Perfect Summer Beach Waves at Home

    Tired of taking hours at home to straighten or curl your hair? Well, I think we have a few great ideas for you! How to create those luscious beach waves! 1. Starting off with damp hair- apply our Be Curly style prep all over to give the hair moisture and allow all products to style […]

    Fun Fall Makeup Tips Using AVEDA’s Heart Lands Collection

    A bold lip never goes out of style! You can create the perfect plum pout for fall using the Aveda Heart Lands limited-edition Autumn 2013 collection. Step 1: Use lip liner in the color Plum Petals to line the lips. Diffuse the line on to the lip to avoid any harsh lines. Step 2: Apply […]

    Back To School Beauty Trends

    If you haven’t already noticed by the onslaught of stationary, pens, and backpacks billowing out from the aisles of your local shopping store – it’s almost time for most students to head back to school. I thought I’d help you WOW your fellow peers with some simple and easy back to school beauty trends. The […]

    Hair Tips: Super Sultry Beach Waves

    With July 4th come and past with the usual flurry of high ponies and Sun kissed faces, and the celebration of the glorious Flag Day in full swing, hearts may be heavy when the realization hits that our next big holiday to lay by the pool an sip an ice cold lemonade won’t come until […]

    Create This Look In & Out of the Salon

    Here is a very popular look that comes in the school a ton and I adore it. I’m a huge fan for big, moveable, and volumized hair! Big hair is definitely back. To achieve this hair cut: I would first do long round layers in pie sections around the head to create those traveling beautiful […]

    Haircut Ideas

    The hair style I chose was asymmetrical but I call it the “Meagan Good Short Hairstyle”. It is a very popular hairstyle that can be easily done. To achieve this look you have to do as follows: Shampoo and condition hair with aveda dry remedy. Mold hair with phomollient. Flat wrap hair until it is […]

    Ombre Highlights

    In French, Ombre means shadow/shade, in the mid 2000s the Ombre effect took hold of the fashion industry, and celebrities all over the globe. To achieve the shadow/shade technique with your hair your goal is to graduate the color from either dark to light or vice versa light to dark. There are many different types […]

    Men’s Hair Styling Tips

    OK guys, the hair world maybe dominated by women but there’s plenty of room for you too! Let me begin by saying I am absolutely in love with the latest men’s hair trends rocked by one of my favorite artists Justin Timberlake: the comb over. This look can be achieved with any hair type as […]

    Spring Hair and Makeup Tips

    Now that spring is here, and summer is just around the corner, it’s time to ditch those deep browns and winter tones in the hair and makeup and brighten them up! There are plenty of different ways to do so with you hair. You could do a heavy full head of highlights, or even a […]

    Beauty School Tips To Refresh This Spring

    I’m currently using Aveda’s tea tree oil under my eyes to help reduce my tired look and relax wrinkles. I love the smell of this product and the results I get from it when I wake up in the morning. I’m also using Aveda’s cucumber mask that helps reduce redness and inflammation after I give […]

    Spring Season Looks: Men’s Hairstyle

    I changed my look this spring season by getting a different style of hair cut. The men’s hairstyle I choose has a 70’s air to it and is combined with a trendy modern finish up that gives it a crazy, rocky and fashionable appearance. After the cut I washed my hair with Aveda shampoo and […]

    New Spring Hair Style

    I just recently gave a girl in my class a spring make over, just to give her a look different from what she is use to. I had a vision of a braided mohawk with curls. For the first step I would suggest that you do not shampoo the hair because braids hold better and […]

    Refresh Your Looks for Spring: Makeover Edition

    Spring time is here and the flowers are blooming. This is the time of year that people tend to yearn for change in their appearance. From a lighter shade of lipstick to more vibrant colors on the eyes, change is as easy as a trip to Aveda where anything you dream up for your look […]

    Get A Full Scholarship To Aveda Institute

    Are you, or someone you know, interested in a career in the beauty industry? We are now accepting applications for our AVEDA Institute Scholarship Contest. TO ENTER: 1. Fill out our general information form here. You will be contacted by an AVEDA Institute Admissions Manager. 2. Complete a typed essay, 300 words or less, about […]

    AVEDA’s New Art of Nature Makeup Collection

    I wanted to create a fresh spring look with Aveda’s new spring collection, Art of Nature. First, I used the Cinnamon Bark eye shadow to create a dramatic wing along the top lid. I then applied our Bare Bellis eye shadow over the Lid of the eye blending the edges of the wing I just […]

    Braid Into Top Notch Top-Knot

    Want an easy fun hair-do? Rock this top-knot with style!! Start out with dry hair, then start a French braid in the top section secure with small (preferably clear) elastic at the top center of the head. After creating braid now pull all hair up into a high pony( secure pony w/elastic), now here is […]

    Hair Trends for 2013 & How to Create Them

    I think that big hair is coming in to trend for 2013. Big curly hair or soft beachy waves. To get these curls you can start of with shampoo and conditioner be curly. Then following with be curly style prep; this is to prep the hair before styling it and de-tangle your hair. Then you […]

    Tutorial: Professional Application of Lip Color

    Aveda Tallahassee’s Spa intro class showcases the correct way to apply professional application of lip color. Step 1: moisturize using Aveda lip saver. Step 2: apply lip liner. Step 3: Blend lip liner onto lips. Step 4: apply lip color. Step 5: apply lip glaze. Step 6: Blot lips to remove the excess product. Lipstick is the […]

    Beauty School Tips: Simple Holiday Hairstyle

    So its that time of year again, the winter holidays!! The time for family and friends gatherings and ushering in a new happy, healthy year. Lots of holiday parties and visits are on everyone’s agenda. Here at Aveda, we have a few simple holiday hairstyles for you to try out. The first is an effortless, […]

    Retro Styles That are New and In Again

    Some styles from the past were “totally awesome”, but they’ve stayed in the past. Many styles, though, are coming back with a new modern twist. For example, the first style that is coming back is the winged eyeliner. This look is seen on many style icons such as Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. All you […]

    Saucy Summer Styles

    Beauty School Blog: Yes, it’s already that time of year again! Time to pull out your favorite candy colored polishes, juicy lip glosses, and just down right indulgent moisturizers. Caring for your hair is just as important as keeping your skin hydrated during these steamy summer days, and AVEDA has just the perfect combination to […]

    Beauty School Favorite Style to Do for a Guest

    Beauty School Blog: I’m a fan of updos. I feel that they can completely change the whole overall look of each individual person. I used to always have an up-do done on myself. Its like a reflection of myself to show others – whether it be funky or classic or messy. I feel that they […]

    Hair Tips On Fringe

    Blog by Cosmetology Jacksonville, Fl student: JoAnna Wallace So many guests I meet have no idea what to do with their fringe; whether it’s supposed to short and sideswept or a more subtle curtain of hair still long enough to tuck out of the way behind the wearer’s ear. Oftentimes, the culprit is an unfortunately […]

    Looking Chic in the Fall

    Fall is probably my favorite season. The air is crisp and fresh which inspires me to spend more of my time outside. This season also inspires me to be fresh and chic with a new fall look. Here are some of the ways I plan to keep it Fresh this Fall: 1. Keep your hair […]

    Have No Fear, Sun Care is Here!

    Going to the beach is a favorite summer past time, but if you’re not careful it can be harmful to your hair. In order to keep your hair in tip-top shape follow these easy steps. First, before going in the sun, spritz your hair with Sun Care Protective Hair Veil and reapply as needed throughout […]

    Tips from the AVEDA Salon

    What type of hair style would you suggest for a job interview? A job interview can be stressful at times. You definitely should choose a hairstyle you feel comfortable in. A clean and slick look will give you plenty of confidence without shocking your future employer. What products would you suggest for damaged hair? Damaged […]

    Haircare Questions Answered

    What type of hairstyle would you suggest for a job interview? The best hairstyle for a job interview should look neat, conservative and presentable. I wouldn’t suggest one that cover up your face. It’s best to choose a hairstyle that would keep you from playing with it if you get anxious or nervous. Also, if […]