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  • Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Aveda

    Show your love this Mother’s Day by giving the gift of Aveda! Here are some Mother’s Day inspired gift ideas that will make your mom feel as appreciated as she deserves. A Gift of Stress Relief What better way to show your mom you care than to give her a gift that will relieve all […]

    Trying AI Tallahassee’s Salon for the First Time

    Renata is a foreign exchange student from Austria. Finding herself far from home and in definite need of a haircut and color, she decided to try Aveda for the very first time. Renata wanted a red that would stand out in a crowd. The resulting color was absolutely stunning! The rich, bright, vivacious red is […]

    Before & After Hair at Aveda Institute Tallahassee

    Student: Brittney Mitchell Phase: Masters at Aveda Institute Tallahassee. My client came in and expressed that she wanted to trim her ends off because her hair is naturally curly, but her ends wouldn’t curl anymore from constant flat ironing. We trimmed the ends and used Damage Remedy shampoo, conditioner, and added on the treatment masque […]

    Aveda Salon Before & After

    Paige came to us at the Aveda Institute Clearwater for a little help with her current look. She arrived with golden blonde hair (levels 7-10) but desired to be more of a medium brown with ashy blonde highlights! She was paired up with one of our student stylists, Kaitlin Parker, in our Salon Concepts class. […]

    Fantasy Makeup Application

    For this model our theme was the goddess of fire.  Alicia did eye makeup with a bright red, using tape to create the bold line out from my eye. She also contoured my face and did an ombre lip with red and orange colors. Joe did my hair in a kind of Mohawk fashion with […]

    Salon Experience at Aveda Beauty Schools

    The experience starts as soon as you walk through the door. You may ask, what makes Aveda different from other salons? First you are greeted by one of our amazing staff members and offered either Aveda comforting tea or water. You are then greeted by your stylist and escorted (not lead) to their station. At […]

    The Time Travel of Beautiful Skin

    I recently had a guest tell me that her facial ritual consisted of baking soda on a scrubby pad as her exfoliation followed by olive oil as her moisturizer. While forcing the skin scratching and scraping visions from my mind I strain to hear her explain that this cherished home remedy was handed down to […]

    The Aveda Salon Experience

    As a new student at the Aveda Institute Tallahassee, the salon experience is very new to me. I’m used to the typical experience in other salons. It usually consists of waiting for your stylist to escort you to the chair, while her other client is processing because she double booked you. Even worse, you are […]

    Come Experience Our AVEDA Salon

    The Salon Experience at Aveda is a rejuvenating, exciting, pampering, adventurous, fresh and customizing journey for each and every guest at every visit. The students are dedicated to the guests and the instructors are twice as dedicated to the students. At Aveda, the instructors strive to make sure that as students we exude the highest […]

    What Makes AVEDA Different

    What makes AVEDA different? That question will become rhetorical once you experience the amazing educators, students, and the priceless products! When my sister started AVEDA she would talk about it all day because she was so in love with it, and I would think to myself, “Well, what are they feeding her?!” But once I realized that […]

    Connecting Beauty, Environment, and Well-Being

    Aveda’s vision is directly in line with the guest services we provide and customer service they receive from the moment they walk into one of our salons or spas. They create this vision by living by the Aveda mission and performing the 12 points of difference. A salon experience should never make you feel anxious, […]

    My AVEDA Salon Experience

    Aveda has always been synonymous with the “total experience,” from the moment our guest walks in the door to the moment they leave feeling and looking like a whole new person. I don’t believe I have ever been in a non-Aveda salon that has gone the extra mile to make feel amazing and actually care […]

    The Aveda Salon Experience

    I am currently a student at the Aveda Institute Tallahassee, and have had the privilege to encounter the Aveda experience on the forefront as a guest, and now as a student behind the scenes. Having both experiences has given me more insight on what goes on at Aveda. People may look at Aveda and think, […]

    Experience Aveda’s 12 Points of Difference

    We’ve all had that experience at a salon where we feel like just a number in their computer or another name on the books. We’ve all had that experience where your stylist treats you as an object for their income and not a canvas for their creativity. At Aveda, you will not have that. You […]

    The Salon Experience – What Makes Aveda Different?

    A salon experience at Aveda is unlike any other salon experience! You are not just made to be relaxed but to be felt at home and treated like you’re the only person that matters at that moment. A service at Aveda starts with a stress relieving experience (a scalp and shoulder massage) followed by a […]

    Visit An AVEDA Salon

    As a student that attends the Aveda Institute Orlando, I feel we stand out from others due to our 12 Points of Difference. From when you are greeted at the door by the retail person with Aveda Comforting Tea, you can instantly feel the genuine care we have for our guests. I’ve learned so much […]

    The Aveda Salon Experience

    At the Aveda Institute you do not just get a hair service, you get a whole experience. As soon as you walk in you are greeted by the ladies at the Experience Center and you get offered water or Comforting Tea which helps you relax and de-stress. Also, once you get in the chair you […]

    Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Beauty School Students

    For Mother’s Day I would recommend to my mother the Aveda Damage Control Shampoo as well as the Color Preserve Conditioner. I use these two products on a daily basis due to the fact that my mother and I, color treat our hair. Aveda products are made up of all natural ingredients that come from […]

    Updo Hairstyles Perfect For Prom

    It’s officially prom season! With the books completely filled with updos, pedicures, and makeup applications, I was honored to have Elisa Gomez come in for her prom makeover. Elisa had shown me multiple images of ideas she had, and after much deliberation we had chosen a nice side updo filled with curls. Seeing Miss Gomez […]

    Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

    I am a mother of three teenagers, and two of my children’s birthdays are in May. So it would be an understatement to say that I desire more than the familiar Mother’s Day fanfare. I still love receiving cards and gifts; however, nothing would peak my interest more than having a wonderful spa day to […]

    AVEDA Spa Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

    At Aveda there is a wide array of gift giving ideas for all our mothers out there, even the expectant mothers! Mothers do so much and take their time to do things for their families, especially when they are working mothers that have to balance family with their career. The do-it-all moms need some pampering […]

    Refresh Your Looks for Spring: Makeover Edition

    Spring time is here and the flowers are blooming. This is the time of year that people tend to yearn for change in their appearance. From a lighter shade of lipstick to more vibrant colors on the eyes, change is as easy as a trip to Aveda where anything you dream up for your look […]

    Earth Month at Aveda Institute South Florida

    “Our mission at Aveda is to care for the world we live in, from the products we make to the ways in which we give back to society. At Aveda, we strive to set the example for environmental leadership and responsibility, not just in the world of beauty, but around the world.” Here at Aveda […]

    Fun New AVEDA Spring Makeup Colors

    Spring is a time for reinventing and creating . Spring is the time to be bold and beautiful . Spring is a time for fun and excitement. Aveda has come out with a new line of spring cosmetics and they are absolutely gorgeous. These colors are very sassy, flirty, and most of all fun. These […]

    AVEDA’s New Art of Nature Makeup Collection

    I wanted to create a fresh spring look with Aveda’s new spring collection, Art of Nature. First, I used the Cinnamon Bark eye shadow to create a dramatic wing along the top lid. I then applied our Bare Bellis eye shadow over the Lid of the eye blending the edges of the wing I just […]

    Red Hair with AVEDA Color

    Today’s day had a slow start to it, but I kept my spirits high knowing that my good friend Susan was coming in for a color today! Susan and I had met while working at Starbucks together, and she’s been dying to come in to get a color for months. With such a busy schedule, […]

    Tears of Beauty School Joy

    As Christine wiped the tears from her eyes, I stood behind her thinking to myself, “What have I done!” She wiped the final tear, composed herself, and said, “Buddy, I’ve been getting my hair done for years now, leaving so unsatisfied. I have finally found someone who knows what I want to my hair, and […]

    Hair Color & Style with Gosia

    I started my day off today with a partial foil, followed by a one length with backward flowing layers. Gosia from Poland was my client today, and she was absolutely marvelous to work with. Gosia had such fine hair, that brushing out her partial was a bit of a challenge. She experienced in the past […]

    Hair and Makeup Trends for 2013

    The makeup trends for 2013 appear to be a more natural, organic look for both hair and makeup using bright reds for lips either glossed or matted and rich blues and violet shades for eye shadows and eyeliners. When applying the makeup, either the eyes are played up and the cheek and lips are muted […]

    2012 Holiday Beauty Trends

    The holiday season is just around the corner, and for this season I’m really enjoying the look of a rich eye or lip with a casual bun! What I like most is that there are so many different variations that you can play with, that will go with your style. Tight and sleek, loose and […]

    Esthiology Program at Aveda Institute Tallahassee

    Since I was a little girl, I’ve been interested in makeup and skin care. I found out  AVEDA Institute Tallahassee had the esthiology program along with the massage therapy. I couldn’t wait to join. The education I have received has changed my life. I can not wait to go out into the workforce and show […]

    Elemental Nature Massage

    Being a student at Aveda has really made me enjoy making my clients happy after a massage. I love the fact that with just my touch I can change someone’s whole day or even life. When my clients come in from after a hard day at work or even just trying to take a break […]

    Our 60/60 Skin Care Event Has Been Extended

    As of now until the end of September Aveda is holding what we call a 60/60 event. This entails a free sixty minute massage with the purchase of sixty dollars worth of skin care products. This offer is amazing because all of the Aveda skin care lines make your skin feel and look naturally beautiful. […]

    Nail Services At Florida Aveda Institutes

    Blog post by: Anna Moore At the Aveda institute Tallahassee, we offer amazing nail services! We offer three different pedicures, including a spa pedicure that includes a relaxing seaweed mask and warm towels! I personally have experienced the spa pedicure and was pleasantly surprised by how many quality products were used and how amazing they […]

    Skin Care Services at AVEDA Institutes South

    Blog post by: April Pardocchi At Aveda, facials are much more that just working on your face. It’s a whole body experience. With any issues or concerns with you skin, Aveda has a treatment for you. If you have acneic skin Outer Peace is for you. With a cooling soothing treatment your skin will feel […]

    Dads Deserve Pampering Too!

    Beauty School Blog: Just because he’s Dad does not mean that he does not deserve, need, and/or secretly desire to be pampered! So instead of going for that handy dandy power tool to add to the collection that he hardly touches in the garage– why not relieve some stress and make him feel amazing for […]

    AVEDA Gift Ideas For Father’s Day

    Beauty School Blog: Who doesn’t like getting pampered? Although it might seem hard to figure out what to get your father for fathers day, it can be something simple as socks. But a hair cut or new every day products for him to use can be even better. They may not admit it but they […]

    A Calming Massage School Technique

    My favorite massage technique is the Blue Handshake. This technique really helps calm down any type of person and it also calms down people who dont really like to be touched which helps me out. A lot of people have a problem with me touching their shoulders because you either rub too hard or too […]

    The Best Massage School in Florida

    My favorite technique is the back massage. So many clients suffer from back pain. I enjoy knowing that after a massage from me that they feel relaxed, stress free, or even healed by me. I love the reactions that I get either from massage or facials. . . and even waxing. It is an incredible […]

    Best Beauty School Practices: Twelve Points of Difference

    The AVEDA school’s “Twelve Points of Difference”–a set of best beauty school practices and etiquette– help you break the ice easily with a salon guest. A friendly smile, a warm welcome, and a refreshing cup of tea or water make the journey from reception to chair a smooth one. But how can you extend that […]

    How Massage Can Benefit an Athlete’s Performance

    Athletes are powerhouses. They run, throw, slide, fall, bruise, and bleed. While performing their chosen sport, they experience a lot of strain, pull, and stress on their muscles. This is apparent when they limp off the football or baseball field due to a pulled hamstring, or require assistance off of the tennis court due to […]

    Aveda Chakra Balancing Massage

    The Aveda Chakra Balancing massage eases muscle tension, soothe the mind and helps to bring balance to the Chakra system. The difference between a regular Aveda massage and the Chakra massage is during a Chakra massage it is time to “zone in.” By “zoning in” on the body and focusing on the Chakra system, the guest will […]

    What Makes You Passionate About Hairstyling?

    As an artist, hair is my medium and life is my canvas. It is what I love to do. The love for creating beautiful hair is my passion. This is more then something to gaze at and move on, but a piece of art to influence lives everyday. I can change a plain haircut into […]