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    Aveda Beauty Schools – A Place Where I Belong

    I always dreamed of becoming a stylist. Ever since I was a child and used to play with everyone’s hair and would apply makeup on myself whenever I was bored, I knew that this was my calling. I saw myself traveling all over the world making people beautiful. This deep desire to become a successful stylist is what drove me to attend Aveda.

    From the moment I walked into this institute I felt like I belonged. The professionalism that this school showed was amazing. I felt like my passion and destiny had finally aligned with each other and that I was finally ready to take off. This institute is definitely preparing me for success. All of the different things we learn every time I step foot in this place always keeps my head spinning. I have also made great friends here, Aveda institute rocks!!

    Blog post by Aveda Institute South Florida Student: Alejandra Calle

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