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Aveda Institute Jacksonville

Just consider the landscape — from the historic St. John’s River to its vast coastline, gorgeous beaches, and nearby art scene in St. Augustine — it makes perfect sense to have a cosmetology school in Jacksonville that encourages all natural beauty. With a campus located next to Whole Foods in the up and coming enclave of Mandarin Landing, the AVEDA Institute Jacksonville represents a stunning example of what a beauty school should look and feel like. And thanks to the city’s growing arts scene, picturesque skyline, and excellent entertainment community, the AVEDA Institute is quickly becoming a hot destination for cosmetology students looking for one of the best beauty schools in Jacksonville using only naturally-derived products with certified organic ingredients. Supervised students learn their craft in a real world salon environment, while guests receive the unique difference characterized by a state-of-the-art AVEDA school. It’s an experience you have to see for yourself.

So whether you’re looking for a cosmetology school in Jacksonville, or want the luxury for less service you’ve come to expect from an AVEDA school, look no further than the AVEDA Institute Jacksonville, where every cosmetology program enrollee now receives an iPad. Stop by and visit our campus in person, give us a call, shoot us a text, or access our full online application form here — and a member of our admissions team will contact you to discuss the best beauty school option for you and your future career as a stylist. To schedule an appointment for services, stop by, give us a call or book online here.

Programs Offered*:


Our cosmetology course incorporates theory with extensive hands on experience to provide you with a complete understanding of beauty and wellness. The program includes hair cutting, color, texture services, nail care, makeup application, business development, retail knowledge and the concept of gaining and retaining clients. Upon completion, students move on to intensive real-world training to hone their skills.

* All state testing and licensing fees are included in your tuition.




Jacksonville’s April Student Spotlight

Join us in celebrating Tammy Pressley as our April Student of the Month!     We chose Tammy for student of the month because she is constantly trying to better her best. She is a team player, and the first to volunteer. She is an outstanding student and wonderful to have in the classroom Tammy […]

Jacksonville February Student Spotlight

Join us in celebrating Taylor Kasik as our February Student of the month! Taylor Kasik Masters B  goes above and beyond for everyone! She drives a long way to and from school and even goes out of her way to give other students rides. She’s got a beaming smile and wonderful personality for this industry. […]

Jacksonville’s November Student Spotlight

Masters B-side Student, Malorie Rooney. Malorie Rooney chose Aveda because she wanted the best future for herself and her family. Malorie says “salons look for Aveda trained students, and I wanted that on my resume.” She went to Palmetto Ridge High School in Naples, FL, class of ’09. You can view her work on Instagram […]

Jacksonville October Student Spotlight

Join us in celebrating our October Student of the Month! Jill Rae Bogers Salon Concepts A side Jill Rae was nominated to be student of the month because she goes above and beyond in all aspects of school while still working a full time job as a manager of a store. She’s only missed one […]

Jacksonville August Student Spotlight

We are excited to congratulate Marlena Burgess for being our August Student of the Month! Marlena will be an asset to any salon she chooses.  She is always going above and beyond helping her classmates and is a valuable team player.  Her attendance and grades are above average and her bench marks are higher than […]

Jacksonville’s April Student Spotlight

Congratulations Shariah Montelongo! Shariah has earned Aveda Institute Jacksonville’s Student of the Month honors. Shariah is an absolute team player, always willing to help whenever and wherever needed. Her future salon with be lucky to have a stylist whom achieved salon level benchmarks while still a student. With a 98% attendance rate and 95% GPA, […]

Jacksonville’s Student of the Month – April 2016

Congratulations to Emily Sachs for being Aveda Institute Jacksonville’s April Student of the Month! Aveda Institute Jacksonville celebrates Emily Sachs as the April Student of the Month! In addition to achieving salon level benchmarks and a 53% pre-booking rate, Emily is a great team player.  Emily also likes to teach back what she has learned.  […]

Jacksonville’s Student of the Month – March 2016

Congratulations to our Amazing Alyssa!! She has earned Aveda Institute Jacksonville’s Student of the Month for the 2nd month in a row!  Alyssa continues to be an awesome team player.  In one month she  has increased her GPA 3% points and her benchmarks by 13%.  Absolutely consistently amazing!!!!  We at Aveda Institute Jacksonville celebrate you […]

Aveda Institute Jacksonville’s February Student of the Month

We would like to recognize Alyssa Tinsley as our February Student of the Month! Alyssa is an all around team player.  She has maintained  100% attendance and a 90% GPA.  Alyssa demonstrates salon ready behavior in achieving salon level benchmarks.  Way to go Alyssa!!

Students Start Their Cosmetology Experience

While beginning beauty school can be nerve-racking, it is also an exciting time in one’s life with the prospect of starting a new journey. At Aveda Institutes South, we offer students the opportunity to excel in a creative and fast paced industry. Read these student’s early experiences at Aveda Institutes South and get ready for […]

How to be a Successful Aveda Cosmetology Student

Blog post by AI South Beauty School student: Ilyssa Glover Make the most of your time in Beauty School Many people that I have personally come in contact with think that Beauty School is a walk in the park. Little do they know, being a successful student requires long hours, determination, hard work, dedication, and […]

10 Bad Things For Healthy Hair

1. Sun Exposure UVA and UVB rays from sun exposure can damage the outside cover of the hair strand, called the cuticle. Sun damaged hair can result in faded hair color, split ends, thinning, frizziness, and dried out strands. With the hot months approaching, Aveda’s Sun Care line is the perfect way to ‘Summer Proof’ […]

The Future of Beauty School Education

“We can lay in bed and watch the videos!” “It’s a teacher to go!” “We are able to really take control of our education” – AI South students on what they thought about the integration of a digital curriculum At AVEDA Institutes, we encourage innovation, sustainability and empowered decision-making through our education program. As a […]

Tired of Braids? Try A Hair Knot

As the summer comes to an end, parents and professionals alike are looking for innovative ways to pull up their hair. Braids are fun but, knots are an old trick coming back in fall 2013. Knots create texture and although they look complicated, are a simple way create a unique look! Step1: Smooth out the […]

Beauty Trend: Braids Braids Braids

Yes… Braids are in. They aren’t just for your everyday ruffian. They are gracing the pages of magazines and strutting their stuff on catwalks. Once worn for convenience, braids, are now worn to make a fashion statement. Where there were once just plats or regular scalp braids there are now French braids ( OLD) and […]

Cosmetology Schools In Florida

When it comes to choosing a Cosmetology school in Florida there is no better choice then an AVEDA beauty school. AVEDA six has locations in Florida: South Florida / Miami area Ft. Lauderdale Jacksonville Tallahassee Tampa Bay / Clearwater Orlando From the quality of our styling courses and instructors to the power of the AVEDA […]

AVEDA Beauty School in Jacksonville

One of the main reasons I chose the Aveda Institue Jacksonville would be that I am from the greater Jacksonville area. Out of all the cosmetology schools I was most impressed by Aveda. Thus far Aveda has not let me down. The school has a great mission, all the educators are very helpful. I would […]

Why I Love Aveda

Aveda is the absolute best choice for me for my cosmetology education. Aveda offers a structured curriculum and an inviting atmosphere in which to learn. The environment is warm and inviting and the educators are friendly and nurturing. As far as my classmates, I know I have made friends for life. I have only been […]

Why I Chose Aveda Institute Jacksonville

Jacksonville, FL is a very diverse city. I know this because I grew up here. From the beaches to the city life. I have always had a desire for the beauty industry. At first, I was going to attend the Aveda Institute in Charlotte, NC just to move states because of the fact that I’ve […]

Keep Calm and Choose Aveda Florida Beauty Schools

I’m from a small town in South Georgia. We have a technical college, and a lot of the girls I graduated with decided to go into the cosmetology program there. Knowing this is what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, I wouldn’t settle for just any education. I even went to […]

Aveda Is Unlike Any Other Beauty School

As with any school, choosing a cosmetology school can be pretty nerve wracking. One must decide which school best fits their wants and needs without ever taking a single class; which school can meet the needs of their personality, time and wallet. Each school is very different, they have different curriculum, benchmarks, missions, hour requirements, […]

Aveda Jacksonville Brings a Mountain of Joy to All

Do you have holiday shopping to do? Why not come to your local Aveda school and bring a mountain of joy to more than just your family and friends? For the fifth year Aveda is offering their holiday gift sets. Each set is wrapped in a handmade and painted gift box or bag. Here’s where […]

Why It’s Important for AVEDA to be Environmentally Aware

Blog post by Cosmetology student / Beauty School student: Antonella Ludwig “Our mission at AVEDA is to care for the world…”. So begins the Aveda mission statement. The core of the Aveda way of life is to set positive examples of taking care of our environment. The mission statement goes on to specify that this […]

The Aveda Institute: A Cosmetology School Apart

Blog post by Jacksonville Cosmetology student: JoAnna Wallace In previous blog posts I’ve already spoken about how cosmetology school was a split second decision for me. How something that I’d joked about five years ago suddenly became a reality, despite being in the beginning of a successful career in a completely unrelated industry. When I […]

My Cosmetology Goals at AVEDA

Blog post by Aveda Institute Jacksonville cosmetology student: Jessica Lang I’ve always set big goals and standards for myself throughout my life, and going to school at the AVEDA Institute is no exception. I also like to set difficult yet realistic goals for the new year, to test myself and better myself as a person. […]

Beauty is Inside as Well as Outward

Blog post by Aveda Institute Jacksonville student: Brielle Roorda I was a student in Intro during the first open house/customer appreciation event back in the fall. My job was simple: to walk around and assist guests with making appointments and directing them to the mini services we were offering that day. A woman was standing […]

Jacksonville Beauty School Opens

JACKSONVILLE, FL (January 23, 2011) — Aveda Institute announced today that it plans to open a salon in Jacksonville, FL, expanding its reach throughout the Sunshine State with its fifth Education Center in the state of Florida. The Jacksonville center will offer a Cosmetology / Beauty Training Program, consisting of classes in hair, skin and […]