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    AVEDA Beauty School in Jacksonville

    aveda institute jacksonville students beauty school One of the main reasons I chose the Aveda Institue Jacksonville would be that I am from the greater Jacksonville area. Out of all the cosmetology schools I was most impressed by Aveda. Thus far Aveda has not let me down.

    The school has a great mission, all the educators are very helpful. I would recommend this cosmetology school to anyone interested in the curriculum.

    I am very proud to say I go to Aveda, every week I am excited to be here and learn new things.

    Aveda is a one of a kind school, being here now I couldn’t imagine going to any other school.

    Blog post by Aveda Institute Jacksonville Cosmetology student: Callie Stephens

    2e285070ebe711e1b2c322000a1e9e1f_7 Thinking about going to a Cosmetology/Spa school? Think AVEDA Institute. Why? Because this school is so awesome.

    From the very first day of class I started learning about hair and hair products. My instructor keeps me going with new techniques making me so eager to learn more. I feel like I am getting all the information I need and when I leave this school I will be so ready and so capable to perform as a stylist.

    When I look at the other class ahead and what they are doing I get so eager about doing them too. A kid in a candy store. So happy I chose this school.

    Blog post by Aveda Institute South Florida Cosmetology student: Peta-Gay Morris

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