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    Why I Chose Aveda Institute Jacksonville

    aveda institute jacksonville students beauty school Jacksonville, FL is a very diverse city. I know this because I grew up here. From the beaches to the city life. I have always had a desire for the beauty industry. At first, I was going to attend the Aveda Institute in Charlotte, NC just to move states because of the fact that I’ve lived here my whole life! I spent some time in Charlotte and personally there was not a whole lot going on, or at least to my liking. I moved back to Jacksonville,FL and to my surprise there was a brand new Aveda Institute that was only a year old. I could not have been happier. One of the nations leading cosmetology schools in the city that I grew up in.

    Besides the fact that I have lived here, Jacksonville is a great place to be. There are so many trends going on, so many different people you meet, everything is constantly changing in a good way.With the population growing in this city everyday, it is a great place to start off or even make a career out of cosmetology.

    I am happy to attend the Aveda Institute in the beautiful sunshine state, and especially in Jacksonville, FL for these reasons.

    Blog post by Aveda Institute Jacksonville student: Rebekah DeWitt

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