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Steeped in history, overflowing with culture, legendary for fun, and praised for fine cuisine, there’s no place quite like the Big Easy. The whole town is one tasty serving of red hot jambalaya. But when it comes to the best beauty school in New Orleans, the secret ingredient is the AVEDA Institute New Orleans. Our cosmetology and esthiology programs produce just the right flavor of fashionable style and professional skill. We know because our guests can get enough of the AVEDA Difference delivered by our students during all of our unique services. While the student themselves feed on our trademark AVEDA school curriculum that considers every new enrollee as unique as the city itself by providing an education designed to meet each individual student’s needs. That way they can focus on becoming the next hot stylist or makeup artist to work in the thriving film industry in New Orleans. Or behind the chair in one of the growing number of high end salons popping up in the continued post-Katrina expansion. So when you’re searching for New Orleans beauty schools, feast your eyes on the AVEDA Institute New Orleans. You can always swing by the campus, send us a text, call, or complete the our full online application form — and someone from our  admissions team members will guide you through the process on finding the best beauty school for you and your future career.



Programs Offered*:


Our cosmetology course offers extensive hands on experience to provide you with a complete understanding of beauty and wellness. The program includes hair cutting, color, texture services, nail care, makeup application, business development, retail knowledge and the concept of gaining and retaining clients.


Our esthiology program grooms you for an exciting future as a skin care specialist. The training utilizes our trademark AVEDA pure flower and plant essences and wellness rituals. Every graduate will be prepared for a career in nail esthetics, skin care & body treatments, makeup,, or hair removal.


Our Masters phase incorporates theory with extensive hands-on experience working alongside the industry's top stylists and colorists to provide you with a complete understanding of beauty and wellness.

* All state testing and licensing fees are included in your tuition.


The Future of Beauty School Education

“We can lay in bed and watch the videos!” “It’s a teacher to go!” “We are able to really take control of our education” – AI South students on what they thought about the integration of a digital curriculum At AVEDA Institutes, we encourage innovation, sustainability and empowered decision-making through our education program. As a […]


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