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    Experience Aveda’s 12 Points of Difference

    Aveda Salon Tea
    We’ve all had that experience at a salon where we feel like just a number in their computer or another name on the books. We’ve all had that experience where your stylist treats you as an object for their income and not a canvas for their creativity.

    At Aveda, you will not have that. You will walk into the door and be greeted with water or tea, immediately putting you into the relaxation you are looking for and deserve when getting a beauty service done. When you’re stylist greets you, you are our guest and not just another client. We treat you with the care someone would when you enter their home.

    spa4 We want to make you feel comfortable and confident with the service being received, so we always have a picture. A stress relieving ritual is received with every service. After your service is received, we finish the look and close the service with a finishing touch of makeup or a pure fragrance.

    At Aveda we are based off of the oldest form of holistic medicine, believing balance is the key to true beauty. When you leave you will feel balanced and beautiful inside and out. The haircut or color you get will give you a feeling of rejuvenation you never imagined hair was capable of giving you.

    At the completion of your service you are guided through the experience center and shown the products used to create or maintain your look. Leaving Aveda you will feel like you were cared for and are balanced and ready to go about your next four to six weeks before you come back for another great experience, that everyone needs and deserves!

    aveda institute orlando beauty school student Blog post from AVEDA Institute Orlando Cosmetology student: Emma Rose Potts

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