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    AVEDA: Setting the Example

    Aveda Institute Tallahassee Beauty School Spa Therapy Training As the world evolves, the trends of today quickly become the trends of yesterday. One popular “fad” that we believe is, and should be, here to stay is the fascination and infatuation with everything natural.

    Going green is now “in”! AVEDA has become more popular thanks to it’s 97 % naturally derived plant and pure essences and certified organic ingredients. They strive to set an example for environmental leadership, loving the world they live in. They take pride in having their ingredients accessible to their consumers and back them 100%.

    Aveda Mission What everyone is obsessed with this day and age is exactly that; age. People want to look younger and still maintain being different. massage school florida The AVEDA corporation harvests their ingredients from different parts of the world, including the Yawanawa tribe in Brazil; Sandalwood from Western Australia; and Morocco. AVEDA is 100% paraben free, meaning there are no chemicals in their products to add preservation. Their skin care products specialize in everything from brightening dark spots, minimizing fine lines, and acne treatments.

    Guests can come and go into any of their AVEDA services assured that nothing used on them will harm them, inside or out.

    Striving to give back to society sets AVEDA apart from the rest. Blog post by Aveda Institute Tallahassee Spa Therapy Student: Amber Burns

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