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    Aveda Tallahassee’s December Student Spotlight

    Join us in celebrating Keshia Smith as our December Student of the Month!

    Cosmetology Student

    Keshia Smith was attracted to Aveda about three years ago. When she finally came to the Institute to tour she fell in love with the environment, the mission, and mostly the aromas.

    Keshia has a natural instinct for working with people to relieve stress and care for their body. Her guests are very complementary of her services along with her product recommendations. Keshia believes that the combination of Aveda rituals and products can be the key to achieving the balance needed to keep up with the expectations of today’s society.

    Her favorite products are the Tulasara Bright Concentrate to correct hyperpigmentation in the skin and Foot Relief to soothe the feet.

    If you don’t want to miss the next big name in the spa industry, keep your eye on Keshia.

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