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    Create Those Perfect Summer Beach Waves at Home

    Tired of taking hours at home to straighten or curl your hair? Well, I think we have a few great ideas for you! Beachy hair waves

    How to create those luscious beach waves!

    1. Starting off with damp hair- apply our Be Curly style prep all over to give the hair moisture and allow all products to style out evenly

    Be Curly Style Prep 2. Apply Confixor from mid shaft to ends to give the hair shine and hold


    3. Twist the hair in sections to create the size and width of the curl you desire 4. Apply Potion to each section to give the hair that salty beach texture!

    Aveda Potion 5. Scrunch the section and blow dry!

    Blog post by Aveda Institute Tallahassee Cosmetology students: Brenna Beever, Corey Pershall

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