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    Elemental Nature Massage

    Being a student at Aveda has really made me enjoy making my clients happy after a massage. I love the fact that with just my touch I can change someone’s whole day or even life. When my clients come in from after a hard day at work or even just trying to take a break from their busy lives, I love helping them to relax and leave feeling good about themselves. By learning the Elemental Nature Massage it has drawn me closer to knowing what I want to do after school. I would like to open my own Aveda salon and work as a massage therapist in it. At Aveda I feel like I have become a better person and I don’t just care about my feelings, I care about my clients feelings and others around me. I always knew that I wanted to make a change in someone’s life and by becoming a massage therapist thanks to Aveda I feel like I will be making a difference in not just one but in many people’s lives just by touch. I will never forget where I learned my first massage from….Thank you Aveda! Blog post by Aveda Institute Tallahassee Student: Salis Allen

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