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    Why I Want To Work In The Beauty Industry

    Florida Beauty School Students
    The beauty industry is constantly generating new looks, styles, and concepts. This is one of the many reasons why I chose to study at Aveda and will eventually work in the beauty industry. I admire the constant change of what is “in style”, and what is not. My favorite new “in-style” look is the ombre. An ombre is a color style that involves enlightening the ends, creating a faded look from the mid-lengths to the ends. I think it is a style that anyone can pull off, and looks absolutely fabulous curled. I cannot wait for the next beauty innovation.

    Blog post by Aveda Institute Tallahassee Florida beauty school student: Erica Fagien

    I chose a career in the beauty industry because I love hair and makeup. Hair and makeup are my passion. I wanted to have a career that I loved but I could also make a good living by doing it. I chose Aveda to help me get to a career in the beauty industry because it is the best school when it comes to hair and by attending Aveda I would have other opportunities that I wouldn’t have anywhere else. I have heard nothing but good things about Aveda. I know with the proper training at Aveda, I can be successful in the beauty industry.

    Blog post by Aveda Institute Tallahassee Florida beauty school student: Regina Dugger

    florida, beauty school

    Aveda Institute Tallahassee Student Model Photoshoot

    As a child, I always knew I wanted to be a part of the beauty industry. I started cutting hair when I was only 3 years old. Back then I didn’t understand it but when I got into high school I realized that I have a passion for making people feel good and also helping people obtain beautiful and healthy hair. I chose to attend Aveda because of the level of professionalism and the products that Aveda offers. Aveda has proven to be the Institute in the region and I want to be a part of the best. And I know that Aveda will help me reach my goals.

    Blog post by Aveda Institute Tallahassee Florida beauty school student: Ashley Quimby

    I have always wanted a career in the beauty industry ever since I was a little girl.I had always had a love for beauty I loved playing with make up and would go to the store and buy lipstick instead of candy I would always cut my Barbies dolls hair and get my sisters mad.now that I have my own daughters they are my live Barbie dolls that I love to make up as well as l love doing their hair and make up for their beauty pageants I chose Aveda because every one would say how great of a job I have done on my daughters hair and that I should go into cosmetology I wanted to go to the best school and learn the right way I wanted a school that loved hair and make up as much as I do so after looking and talking to other schools I found the best school for me aveda not only are they a great school but they are family that truly cares I love aveda and so will you

    Blog post by Aveda Institute Tallahassee Florida beauty school student: Dawn Reisoglu

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