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    New Spring Hair Style

    Aveda Institute Tampa Bay Beauty School Hair style how to guide I just recently gave a girl in my class a spring make over, just to give her a look different from what she is use to. I had a vision of a braided mohawk with curls.

    For the first step I would suggest that you do not shampoo the hair because braids hold better and last longer.

    For the second step part the hair down the center into a mohawk section, then pin the hair up out of the way.

    For the third step make one inch subsection braids in the remaining two side sections.

    For the forth step after all the hair is braided down, curl remaining hair in the middle mohawk section then apply control force to hold the curls in place.

    aveda institute tampa bay cosmetolgoy student

    Blog post by
    Aveda Institute Tampa Bay Cosmetology student:
    Anasha Dorsey

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