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    Red Hair with AVEDA Color

    aveda institute tampa bay red hair color full spectrum Today’s day had a slow start to it, but I kept my spirits high knowing that my good friend Susan was coming in for a color today!

    Susan and I had met while working at Starbucks together, and she’s been dying to come in to get a color for months. With such a busy schedule, she finally found time to come visit.

    cosmetology school tampa bay florida aveda beauty school Susan’s hair was a light brown before, but we wanted to do something bold and fun. After much work of formulating and mixing, we finally came up with a beautiful “Mermaid” red color.

    Since Susan went this red, I was sure to suggest she invests in the Madder Root shampoo and conditioner to keep in that color and not let it fade too much. I also wanted to get her on the Damage Remedy treatment only because of her enlightened Ombre she had before.

    I cannot wait for Susan to come in next month for a retouch on here color. She always knows how to make me laugh and have such a good time while doing my job.

    Blog post by Aveda Institute Tampa Bay Cosmetology student: Buddy Chambers

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