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    New Orleans June Student Spotlight

    Please join us in congratulating our June Student of the Month, Erin Snow!!

    Image of Aveda Student

    Erin is an Esthetician Clinic student. She moved to New Orleans from Little Rock, AR ready for a new start. Erin became a certified yoga instructor in 2012 and works at a studio called Yoga and You anywhere where she likes to facilitate peacefulness and relaxation in people’s lives. In looking for a new path in connection with yoga, esthetician was the perfect fit.

    Erin’s favorite service to perform are the facials because they are so relaxing. She is also interested in waxing, especially eyebrows. This flows perfectly with her favorite memory here, as it was when Hi Brow came to visit our school with a great demo on brow waxing and brow tinting. She was able to get great tips and feels more confident.

    Erin was chosen by our team members because she embodies all that Aveda represents. She is caring and nurturing for her guests and always goes above and beyond to give them the Aveda experience. She is the first one to help out any of her classmates and always gives 100% whether with a guest or participating in class activities. In your first conversation with Erin, you can see how passionate she is about the career she is pursuing and about helping others.

    Erin, we congratulate you once again. Thanks for all that you do!!!

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