New Orleans Student of the Month – April 2016 – AVEDA Institutes South

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    New Orleans Student of the Month – April 2016

    Congratulations to May Prasittichai for being Aveda Institute New Orleans’ Student of the Month! May is a spa student graduating next month, get to know more about her by reading below!

    Aveda Beauty School Student

    My name is May. I am from Los Angeles, California but originally from Bangkok, Thailand. I lived in Los Angeles for 9 years. My fiancé and I moved to New Orleans last August when he got a job offer from the Saints and the Pelicans. I have 2 years of experience of makeup artistry with a background in film, music videos, and photo shoots. I’m always passionate about all things beauty and I want to pursue more education in the future. The reason why I chose Aveda is not only because of their reputation, but also because Aveda will set me up for success with their top notch educators, our heavy focus on practice, and the business skills for the beauty industry.
    My goal is to be successful but success for me is all about how happy you are. It’s not how much money I have. It’s about doing what I love, and doing it to the best of my ability. It’s taking hard work, dedication, commitment, and love for what I do, and channeling those things into the goals that I am trying to accomplish. Happiness is setting goals for myself and being able to achieve them. Even if I don’t always achieve my goals, I always set them to strive to be a better person. Happiness also means to be kind to others, to appreciate the beautiful things that surround us every day, to find the best in others, to always learn, to make long lasting connections with others, to be healthy with my mind and body, to live, and to laugh.

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