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    Our 60/60 Skin Care Event Has Been Extended

    As of now until the end of September Aveda is holding what we call a 60/60 event. This entails a free sixty minute massage with the purchase of sixty dollars worth of skin care products. This offer is amazing because all of the Aveda skin care lines make your skin feel and look naturally beautiful. For example I personally use the Botanical Kinetics skin care line. It makes my skin perfectly balanced. And although this line is not specifically made to treat acne like the Outer Peace line, my skin is clear and soft. Our other lines include Green Science, which helps with deep lines and creases in the face. Also Embrightenment, which helps your skin become more evenly toned and makes unwanted dark spots disappear! The last product line in skin care is the Tourmaline line. This line lets your beauty shine by making skin more radiant! Come in before the deal ends and let your skin show its natural beauty!

    Blog post by Aveda Institute Tallahassee student: April Camp

    Just recently we started 60 for 60 event. What this is, is a awesome opportunity to to buy 60 dollars in skin and beauty and receive a free 60 minute massage or facial. I personally told everyone of my friends, family, and clients about this deal! It’s a real steal. You get amazing skin products for any need and get a relaxing experience in return. I have heard from so many people how awesome the facials and massages are and my mom came in and bought her green science, and got one the of the best massages. At least that’s what she said. My best friend also comes in for a facial once a month. So I would highly recommend this amazing opportunity while it lasts!

    Blog post by Aveda Institute Tallahassee student:

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