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  • Why You Should Attend Massage School

    An industry that is experiencing a lot of growth and interest is massage therapy. This therapeutic service is sought by and used by many different people and businesses. A lot of corporations hire massage therapists in order to provide relaxation techniques and stress management services to their employees. Also, many people seek personal treatment for […]

    Jacksonville Beauty School Opens

    JACKSONVILLE, FL (January 23, 2011) — Aveda Institute announced today that it plans to open a salon in Jacksonville, FL, expanding its reach throughout the Sunshine State with its fifth Education Center in the state of Florida. The Jacksonville center will offer a Cosmetology / Beauty Training Program, consisting of classes in hair, skin and […]

    There’s Beauty School… and there’s AVEDA

    When I made the decision to go to Beauty School, I wanted to make sure I chose the best possible school, so I could get the best possible education. This process included visiting a plethora of trade schools, institutes, and cosmetology schools in the South Florida area. The first school I visited was in a […]

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