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    Washington DC’s May Student Spotlight

    Antonia’s personal journey through life, love, wellness, and beauty is why she exemplifies Aveda and the love that goes into making our world a more beautiful place. Read about why Antonia was chosen as Aveda Institute Washington’s May Student of the Month.

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    Antonia lives  to serve others with her gifts. From graduating Spelman College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Childhood Development, to being selected to attend the Aveda Institute DC on a full scholarship, Antonia’s life is a love story of children and hair. As an elementary school teacher, she devoted her life to defying expectations of what urban schools and students could achieve. As a hair stylist, Antonia takes pleasure in providing her guests with a great experience and great hair every time. Antonia is an active member of the Prince George’s Church of Christ. There you will find her serving in the communications, young women’s and education ministries. She is a happy nanny outside of school who loves traveling, shopping, and having a great time with family and friends. Often noted for her weight loss transformation, Antonia blogs of her journey to whole health.

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